Gerald Ford

Former President Gerald Ford died tonight. Republican or Democrat must truly mourn this great man.

Gerald Ford did something I don’t think any of our current batch of national figures would even consider. By pardoning Richard Nixon he allowed this country to move away from Watergate and heal itself. Significantly, he did this knowing full well that he would be sacrificing any chance of winning his own election to the Presidency.

Ford is a fascinating figure, portrayed as a bumbling klutz, Ford was actually an All-American in Football at the University of Michigan, and graduated Yale Law school. It could be argued he was certainly the most athletic of our Presidents, if not also one of the most intelligent.

The best thing that can be said about Ford is exactly the reason that Nixon chose Ford to succeed Spiro Agnew, simply because no one, not Democrat or Republican, would or could EVER question his honesty.

What is forgotten about him was also his herculean efforts with regard to the SALT treaties with the Soviet Union, his efforts in the Middle East, deregulation of the Railroads and a return to civility in Washington. He also oversaw the end of the Vietnam War.

He may be best remembered for the statement made during his inaugural address “Our long national nightmare is over.”

I firmly believe that history will be very kind to Ford, as I believe it should.

RIP Mr. President.

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