Jimmy Carter – failure as Pres, traitor as ex Pres… and I

I felt compelled to start this blog because our intrepid ex Pres has been running around the country promoting his new traitorous tome (can you tell what I am going to say by that comment).
The factual errors in this fiction are so rife that simply to correct them would take a volume larger than the one he has already penned.

Jimmy Carter suffers from the most tragic feeling that any politician can. Guilt over past failures. Nowhere does he talk about the fact that he is almost singlehandedly to blame for the current rampaging of the Islamo-Fascists throughout our world.

Many of you may be too young to remember, but he allowed a declaration of war, the taking of our embassy in Tehran, to go without response. In his revisionist history, he will say that he was determined to resolve the hostage crisis through diplomacy. Of course, he fails to discuss how, after allowing our diplomats to wallow in captivity for almost a year and realizing he was dealing with fanatics that couldn’t be talked to, he sent in the special forces, allowed them to try to fly through a sandstorm in the dessert on a rescue mission that was the definition of too little too late, and simply added to his legacy by leaving dozens of bodies there.

The taking of the embassy was the start and allowed the forces that developed, most of which derived from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, or financed by the Wahhabists in Tehran, to feel that they could rampage without fear. The Marine Barracks in Lebanon, the embassies in Africa, the Cole, the Trade Towers twice.

So now, he rewrites the entire history of the Middle East to justify his warped view.

A question I pose to my Palestinian friends that frames the issue most succinctly: If Israel unilaterally disarmed, what would happen? Right, there would be no Israel. The 2 billion Arabs surrounding it would not take this as an act of peace but the ultimate capitualation.

If the Palestinians disarmed what would happen? Right, Israel would be the first country to recognize the new Palestinian state and provide continuing aid and make sure they thrive (of course they already do this, although the world ignores it).

The greatest Orwellian phrase of our time “Land for Peace”. Deconstruct that. Israel keeps giving up chunks of their country if the Arabs promise to stop killing them. Who else in the world would be asked to do this, let alone be condemned even when they did!!!???

For those who don’t know the region. Imagine this. Palestinians complain about disrespect at the border, having to show ID, etc. Well, when was the last time you crossed a border in the US on foot and WEREN’T stopped. You cross to Mexico and you are checked for drugs. Even going to Niagara falls and the Canadien authorities ask for your passport or some ID.

In addition, why is it Israel’s responsibility to provide jobs, and the full range of economic opportunity for Palestinians.

What goes unsaid is that they already provide all of the water, power, and civil services – mail, etc there.

And here’s the one that will drive everyone nuts. The first person who can tell me what an “ethnic” Palestinian is, wins the grand prize! Anybody who lived in the British protectorate of Palestine is a Palestinian. Yes, the Jews as well! Those who have tried to claim this title are really just the non Hashemite Jordanians. Problem is, when King Hussein killed 450,000 of them in a Sunni – Shiite conflict, they couldn’t well go back to the Jordanians for help!!

Remember, before 1967, the land that the “Palestinians” now claim as theirs WAS Jordan. Of course until the Jews had a state, the “Palestinians” never asked anybody for a state of their own.

Of, course I could go on forever but I am anxious to see the responses, if there are any, and the general temperature out there.

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