The Iraq Study Group – Are you kidding me?!!

So the group of retreads and never were’s that comprised the Iraq study group is in with it’s report.

And you know what all the time and money that went into this uniquely American act of self-flagellation resulted in.

That’s right, a reccomendation to do EXACTLY what we were going to do anyway. Only, a little faster. Can you say Saigon anybody?

No, rather than actually take the time and effort to go to Iraq and talk with the people involved on the ground and discover what worked and what didn’t the Baker-files gave us nothing.

Oh, excuse me, he should engage Iran and Syria. And you know what. Baker says that if they refuse to get involved it will reveal them for who they are.

I guess the last 30 years of being the principal supporters of terror around the world with their buddies the Saudis hasn’t proven that.

Or maybe Assad’s systematic killing of every non Hizbollah leader in Lebanon isn’t sufficient evidence of who he and the Syrians are. Let’s give them more opportunity to kill Americans. More opportunity you ask. Why yes, since they are the principal suppliers of the “foreign fighters” you hear so much about in Iraq.

So, I agree. We should hurry up and send our representatives to meet with Presidnet Ahmadinejad before his conference on the Holocaust Denial is over. That way Condoleeza Rice can pull up her seat right next to David Duke – you remember him, Grand Dragon of the Nights of the Ku Klux Klan and the leader of the American delegation at this conference- and give her input.

No, it would be too difficult to study our efforts at Tal Afar and see what we did right, or Baghdad and what we did wrong, and make REAL reccomendations about strategy going forward.

This is the war of the next century and it’s time the US Government and Armed FOrces learned how to fight an insurgent war. Fighters hiding in civilians centers, IED’s, suicide bombers. This is where we need study groups.

And who is James Baker? Wasn’t he the Secretary of State that winked at the Kurds and said, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’re just going to quietly pull out of the Persian Gulf but when you try to overthrow Sadaamm we will be right there with arms and supplies. Of course, as Sadaam was gassing 200,000 Kurds for exactly that Baker threw up his hands and said “my bad”.

And there we are today.

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