Shining light on the lies

For those who don’t follow such things, there was a suicide bombing at a bakery in Eilat yesterday.

Eilat is a beach resort town, commonly known as the Atlantic City, or Las Vegas of Israel.

It is located at the extreme southern tip of the Negev desert, separated in all manner from the rest of the country, geographically, religiously, morally, etc.

It shares a border with it’s sister city in Jordan, Taba. Another beautiful resort town located on the inlet of the Red Sea, the gulf of Eilat.

It is where Israeli’s go for beautiful coral reef snorkeling, diving with dolphins, etc.

It is also one of the shipping capitals of the country.

I mention all this because there has been some lie expressed over the last two dozen years or so that only the “disputed” portions of Israel were subject to these types of attacks.

What is critical is who took credit for the attack in this totally innocent part of Israel. The Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade (in conjunction w/ Islamic Jihad). Al Aqsa is the armed wing of Fatah, the founding party of PLO, the party of Arafat and the party of the supposed moderate Abu Mazen, or Mahmoud Abbas.

That Al Aqsa is fully controlled by Fatah is in no doubt. Arafat readily admitted it, as did Mohammed Qurya the previous PM of the PA.

The Brigade is on the state departments list of terrorist organizations.

So, if they are the “armed” wing of Fatah, why do we in the west continue to label Abbas as a moderate? Does moderate mean they only kill in unrelated areas of Israel, or in conjunction with non-Hamas groups?

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