A brief history of steroids and performing enhancing drugs – Part two


So, we left off last time with what I assume was a provocative statement. That steroids, in and of themselves, are not dangerous.

That’s right. Carefully monitored as to liver and kidney function with regular lipid profiles and they are not dangerous.

In fact, many of the “life extension” facilities popping up out West use testosterone treatment as the key to this life extension.

There is research being done as to the effects of this treatment on reversing the aging process by reputable scientists all over the world.

In addition, as mentioned in the previous entry, testosterone will be the principal component of the male “pill” if and when it is approved.

Actually, I will go farther and say that they are beneficial.

Remember, these were drugs that were used medicinally for the first three decades of their existence.

One of the issues with athletes and the medical community is that for literally decades, the official stance of the AMA was that steroids had no real performing enhancing benefits, i.e. no real anabolic effect.

They were saying this at the same time that the entire purpose of the drugs was for “wasting” diseases. In fact, in the early phases of the AIDS epidemic there was serious discussion to reintroduce them because they were so effective at stopping, and reversing the wasting effects of this horrible disease. In addition to the quality of life issues, they also, by enabling the victims to regain strength. allowed them to be able to physically resist the opportunistic aspects of some of the results of the disease.

The drugs were also initially used in misguided attempts to aid people with various growth issues, i.e. little people.

This was quickly eliminated as a usage but also helped lead to the development of artificial or man made human growth hormone (more about this in part three).

As discussed during the previous post, the usage of steroids began in the 50’s and accelerated through the 60’s and 70’s. Believe it or not, by the 1980’s their usage was now considered simply a baseline, an entree into the world of performance enhancing drugs.

Now, a primer. If you work out at a gym probably at least 25% of the men in that gym have used or are currently using them.

How do I know this. Well besides my experience of actually having to clean up syringes from locker rooms, or cancel memberships of people found selling, it is actually fairly easy to tell.

This will also clue you in as to your favorite professional athlete who is using them as well.

Remember, in the last post, I discussed the fact that steroids allow you to overcome genetic limitations.

The way they are used properly is, to be brief, stacked, and cycled.

An effective program involves, slowly building up the dosages, using more than one and generally a combination of oral and injectable. (I won’t go into it here, but because of the need to metabolize through your digestive system, i.e. liver and kidneys, oral are much more harmful, but they are also metabolized faster and leave your system faster).

By combining the two types you ensure quick effects and a longer lasting effect.

The cycle will peak in 4-6-8 weeks depending on you and the cycle you have chosen and then you begin to cycle down. As also previously discussed, this is the best way to allow your body to re regulate it’s own natural production.

SO what happens? Well, as any kinesioligist or physiologist can tell you, certain parts of the body have the natural ability to develop more easily than most. Legs, upper arms, etc. Why? Because the muscles corresponding to these body parts are designed to help overcome the effects of gravity. In addition, these muscles are either acting on weight bearing joints, or joints that are acting as a fulcrum (the knee and the elbow).

The opposite is true though of certain joints. Prime example is the shoulder. The shoulder, as most orthopedists will tell you, is the knee of the 90’s, 2000’s etc. In other words, years ago, as the baby boom kept active into middle age, knee problems were most common. However, the shoulder is not a weight bearing joint. So time in the weight room inevitably leads to shoulder problems. The most common injury to those who lift weights? Shoulder impingement. More properly known as an osteophyte of the acromium-clavicular joint.

So, how to tell if someone you know is “juicing”. Well, if their anterior deltoids (front shoulder) shows real development, particularly out of proportion to the other two heads of the deltoid, it is a good bet. The human body does not want to develop this muscle. As stated above, this is because the shoulder was not meant to develop this way, so, we must overcome human evolution and our natural limitations.

Another sure sign is rapid gains, or unusual “definition”. The human body MUST carry a certain level of body fat. Women more than men. (avg. man approx. 15-25%; woman 20-30% ). Bodybuilders that you see on stage at a show are carrying under 2% and usually under 1%. This is why it is such an unhealthy sport – among other reasons. More about that later as well.

So, that guy that you see that is “ripped” may also be using. This is less reliable as there is a huge variation in what the average person can achieve naturally, but the prevalence of these and other drugs is so severely underestimated we have lost our ability to judge the “natural” physique.

Did you know that professional models use asthmatic inhalers to lose weight? Why because they contain albuterol which is a metabolic optimizer. i.e. an upper.

In fact, just last week, a professional football player in the NFL was suspended for a finding of clenbuterol in his system. Clenbuterol is closely related to albuterol and is what used to be in asthma inhalers. Funny, this player had weight issues! But of course he claims it was a mistake from his asthma medication. Despite clenbuterol having been banned for this use some time ago.

So, these are gross generalities, but the trained eye can pick up on this visual clues easily.

Another indicator is a certain puffiness of the features. As I described in the previous post, steroids aid in the osmotic process, forcing water into the muscle cells which increases the power of the contraction. Well, it causes cellular water retention throughout so someone on “roids” can develop a puffy look to their face.

So, you are now convinced your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, highs school football star, etc. is “juicing”. You confront them. They deny it up down and sideways. You believe them because they never lie. They volunteer to take a lie detector test. What the heck you think, OK. And they pass!! Does this mean they’re clean. NO.

This will lead us into part three, but, unfortunately as I have stated here steroids are now to performing enhancing drugs as crayons are to oil paints. An entree, a base.

So what happens today is a truly bizarre development. People who are big time users of PED (Performing enhancing drugs) will claim to be clean if they are JUST doing a cycle of steroids. They genuinely believe this to be true.

They are SO ubiquitous and so accepted in athletic circles that the only reason you WOULDN’T be “on” is because you’re cleaning out your system, in between cycles, etc. So when you are JUST using steroids, you are clean.

So, your boyfriend may be being honest, as far as he can be, if he says he is “clean”.

In part three I will get into the “new” drugs and drug testing AND NAMING NAMES!!!

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