Saudi Justice

A story came across the wire services today that is a true indication of the difference between the West and Civil Law, and life under “Sharia”.

A woman in Saudi Arabia was blackmailed into meeting a man alone. She was told that if she refused to meet him, her family would be told that they had been having a sexual relationship out of wedlock.

When she went to meet him and they got in his car, they were carjacked by a gang of six men.

The woman was repeatedly raped (reportedly 14 times) and beaten. Photographs of the grizzly scene were taken by her assailants.

Initially her attackers were charged with rape and the prosecutor had asked for death for the men, but the Saudi Justice Minister said without witnesses rape could not be proved.

Here is the incredible part. The woman has now been “convicted” of being alone with a man and sentenced to 90 lashes!!

Justice – Saudi style.

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