HgH, Sly Stallone and me: An update to "A Brief History of Steroids…", Part 5

For those who have not heard, Sly Stallone last week was caught in customs carrying 68!!!, yes 68, vials of human growth hormone (I believe somatotropin but that is a brand name and does not matter).

I have known people from my days in the fitness industry who worked with him and knew of his cosmetic surgeries and steroid use over the years and had always assumed he used Growth Hormone as well, but this was a rather egregious amount.

This post is not to condemn Sly, however. As you may have picked up in the earlier posts on this subject, I really don’t take issue with Performing Enhancing Drugs. They are largely just hormonal manipulation, no different than birth control or fertility drugs, or other efforts at changing our hormonal makeup for some perceived or actual benefit.

I am doing this update because of the INCREDIBLE explosion in the use of HgH. Living here in NY, second only to LA as a land of Plastic Surgery, Botox, etc. virtually every middle aged woman I know has either tried Hgh or inquired about it.

What the problem is, is quite simple. It was not designed as cosmetic drug, but rather it’s initial applications were in treatments of dwarfism and other pituitary malfunctions.

To give you an example of what can happen when you have unchecked amounts of Hgh in your body, think of Andre the Giant, the wrestler, or Georgie Mhuresan the former 7’7″ NBA center.

They both suffered from a somewhat common condition (relative to other “bizarre” abnormalities). They each had tumors on their pituitary gland which caused a continual release of Growth Hormone. It eventually killed ANdre which is what happens when the condition is untreated.

What Hgh does, is cause the increase of cells, ALL cells. That is why abusers of it in the athletic sphere will develop cro magnon like protuberances on their facial features, or one foot larger than the other.

Most obvious is when you look at a national level bodybuilder, 100% OF whom use Hgh. They all posses what is impossible levels of body fat. Ripped abs that you and I could never achieve (unless of course we also Partook of the various performing enhancing cocktails) and yet when the turn sideways, it looks as if they have POTBELLIES. Why, because their organs have grown and are pushing out!!!!

Worse, if you see them in the winter, they are all wearing shorts and tank tops, and no, it is not to show off their physiques. It is because Hgh raises your metabolism to such levels that they are always hot.

That is why, we regularly hear of football players dying from heat exhaustion, supposedly unexplained, in summer training camp. Remember Corey Stringer of the Vikings 3 years ago? They tested for ephedrine, but never mentioned his obvious growth hormone usage.

So, if you are tempted to try it, and it is something of a wonder drug, beautiful skin, low bodyfat, extreme muscularity, BE CAREFUL and keep in touch with your physician!!!

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