Lost in the shuffle: Anna Nicole and HgH

I think most of you have by now heard about the autopsy of Anna Nicole Smith (Vicky Lynn Marshall) and her death being ascribed to an accidental overdose, principally from two central nervous system depressants, her anti anxiety medication and her sleeping medication.

What is getting glossed over, b/c for whatever reason no one wants to bring charges, is the fact that the medical examiner described her fever as resulting probably from her injecting herself in her buttocks.

Interestingly one of the 8 drugs found in her system was growth hormone, in this case I believe somatatrope.

As I mentioned in my earlier post about Sly Stallone, HgH is the new “wonder drug” being used all over Hollywood and of course with thousands of people seeking the fountain of youth.

While it’s benefits are many, it can also be quite dangerous if abused. Principally as a cancer agent, and in unusual growth of various body tissues.

It is not easily, legally prescribed, but the FDA is simply too swamped to pursue the “life extension” physicians who are prescribing this all over the country.

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