Good News – No more Holocaust!!

By now I am sure you have heard the news, according to the British Department of Education there are teachers in Britain that are afraid to teach the Holocaust for fear of violent reprisals from Arab students.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Why? Well, they are afraid of offending Muslim students who are confused because they are taught in their mosques that the Holocaust was a myth. More specifically, they are afraid of violence against British teachers for teaching this to their Muslim students who attend Marassas (the Muslim schools) and are taught there that the Holocaust was a myth.

This is not Syria, or Iran, or The Palestinians, this is the land of Churchill, the country that single handedly held off the Germans for two years without help while we here in the States were deciding whether we wanted to be internationalists or not.

The land of Churchill who said famously “we have not yet begun to fight”.

This decision certainly falls right in line with the behavior of the British government with regard to the recent Iranian hostage taking.

For those that don’t know. Suicide bombing began with the invention of TNT around the turn of the 19th century. Who were the victims? British soldiers and diplomats in the British protectorate of Palestine.

So, a century later they still haven’t figured out that capitulation and denial doesn’t work.

Everybody get out your copies of the Holy Quran, ladies start wearing those Hajibs, gentleman, start practicing your bowing and get ready for the 5x daily call to the Mosque.

It is becoming inevitable.

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