The truth about the Middle East

“For decades, American policy sought to achieve peace in the Middle East by pursuing stability at the expense of liberty. The lack of freedom in that region helped create conditions where anger and resentment grew, and radicalism thrived, and terrorists found willing recruits.”

These words were spoken some years ago by Former President Lyndon Johnson in discussing the aftermath of the 1967 War. Amazing how prescient they sound now. The decades of America pursuing a strategic policy of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” has led to the nuclearization of Iran, Sadaam Hussein, rise and fall, the rearmament of Egypt, the festering of Wahabbist radicals in Saudi Arabia, etc.

OK, fooled you, these words were not spoken by Lyndon Johnson, but another brilliant Democrat, Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the aftermath of thew 1973 war during an interview in his tenure as United States Representative to the UN and after the tragedy in Indonesia which preceeded his appointment.

He decried the way that the Arab regimes were being used as fodder in the Cold War, traded back and forth in the axis of the United Sates and the Soviet Union. Radicalism being evident throughout with the new regimes and the loss of nation after nation in breaking apart of the “Pan Arabic Union” of Nasser.

Okay, fooled you again. Who really wrote (or spoke) those words?

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