A conversation about Egypt — an update.

I had a unique opportunity the other night to have dinner with a leading member of the Israeli government. Someone who has the most intimate knowledge of everything going on in the region.

While I have spent time with many politicians, both American and Israeli, over the years, this gentleman was without a doubt the brightest, most well reasoned of all of them.

In discussing Egypt, he confirmed all of what I wrote in my earlier post about the Egyptian war plans, their current strategic design to war against Israel and the arming of their forces.

The F-16’s, the M-1 Abrams tanks, etc. They now have the best of American technology. In deep contrast to when Israel last confronted them and they were flying broken down Migs, using antiquated Russian tanks and firing Kalashnikovs.

However, most frightening was his description of the systematic relocating of the Egyptian army itself.

He described how over the last 5-10 years, Egypt has been systematically moving their bases into the Sinai, hopscotching toward the Suez canal and the border with Israel.

For those that don’t remember, the 1956, and 1967 hostilities began with the nationalization by Egypt of the Suez and then the unilateral closing of it.

Even worse, was his description that the American politicians on both sides of the aisle are aware of this but simply haven’t, or won’t, do anything.

As a point – the demilitarization of the Sinai was a condition of the 1978 Camp David Accords which established the peace between the two countries and was the precondition for Egypt receiving what was essentially matching aid to Israel’s from the US.

So, Egypt quite simply has the largest, most well equipped armed forces in the region.
In addition, they continue to allow the flow of arms into the Gaza strip unimpeded, also in violation of the withdrawal accords that were signed last year before Israel unilaterally withdrew.

This almost guarantees an Israeli re-entry and occupation of the Gaza for a period in order to clean out the weapons caches, etc.

Remember, even during the current supposed “truce” there have been DAILY firings of rockets into Sderot in southern Israel from the Gaza strip.

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