Food for thought

“Congressman who willingly take action during wartime that damage and undermine the military are saboteurs, and should be arrested, exiled or hanged.”
Abraham Lincoln

I hope people will take a moment to actually READ all of these words before reacting reflexively.

As I have oft times said, I am a social liberal, foreign policy and economic conservative (although I hate to use those terms, better description would be social libertarian, foreign policy interventionist).

However, I do believe that the Congressional timetable for withdrawal from Iraq is blatantly unconstitutional.

As a matter of law, I believe the only way Congress can do this is to stop funding the military. The current construction of the country allows the President, as commander and chief, to determine the course of the war.

Congress is free to say we will not pay for it. But they CAN’T say, we will pay for it but do it my way.

The reasons for this are obvious, not the least of which is that the next step (as there are in the current funding bill) would be various congressmen demanding use of only those military items produced in their districts, etc.

But politics have become so polarized that they can’t do that, so they set this timetable, which, I hate to say, does do exactly what the right wing pundits say it does. It gives an exact date, to those who want us to, of surrender.

Make no mistake, whatever the Iraq war WAS, or started out to be, it is now the first confrontation between Sunni-Shia Islam, the first confrontation between the Iranian led coalition and the west, and the attempt by the Wahabbist to control the region.

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