You won’t hear this in the American Media

This past Sunday, the UN supported elementary school in the Gaza strip was holding a sports day for children.

What a wonderful opportunity for these kids, who lead a poverty stricken, awful life (mainly b/c the money that is supposed to go to them is used to buy bombs, guns, etc and line the pockets of every politician from the local council to their national leaders).

So what happens? Muslim fundamentalists come in shooting and bombing. Thankfully the UN force rebuffed them and caught them before killing any children. However seven individuals were killed.

In fact, in the last year 154 Palestinians (I hate that made up word) were killed by other Palestinians including 10 children.

You won’t ever hear this in the American media because it flies in the face of the liberal support of the supposed suppressed minority.

What was the crime these schoolchildren committed?
They had the temerity to play sports AT ALL for the girls, and worse, the games were COED. Shocking, death to the infidels!!

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