Kudos to ….. gulp…. News Corp.

Don’t know how many of you caught it this week, and not mentioning politics or media conglomerates in any way, but Rupert Murdoch, chairmen of NewsCorp announced earlier this week that the company would operate carbon neutral, effective immediately.

Whatever you think of Murdoch, and he does illicit very significant feelings on both sides, he is to be applauded for this effort.

NewsCorp has tens thousands of employees all over the globe, from Murdoch’s home of Australia, through to the United States and everywhere in between. From 20th Century Fox movies, to the various Fox TV networks (including cable and broadcast, National Geographic, etc); The NY Post, Times of London; Sky networks international, Harper Collins books, etc.

In the announcement they outlined very specific efforts and what became apparent was just how easy it would be for most businesses to at least attempt something similar.

Some of the efforts involved basic items, such as raising thermostats, requiring employees to turn off computers and lights upon leaving, eliminating all non fluorescents, increased recycling efforts, etc.

So, again, despite his polemical stance to some, he is to be congratulated for being a corporate leader in this effort.

While I am at it, a note should be made about Governor Schwarzenegger’s efforts in California. He is turning into the Teddy Roosevelt of our day. How many of you knew that incandescent light bulbs will be illegal in California by 2010? And that they have committed the state to cut energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 1/3?

I wonder if Al Gore can bring himself to thank either of these well known Republicans?(snicker)!

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