Israel and Hamas ….. Together again?

Those of you who have read my posts in the past know that one of my bugga boos are the Orwellian nature of the language used in the dispute between Israel and the Sunni Arabs that now call themselves Palestinians.

Terms like Palestinian, The West Bank, Occupied Territories, Land for Peace, etc. have taken on a life of their own that belie their actual meaning or lack thereof. (For those wondering what I mean, ask yourself what you think of when you hear the term bank of a river. Or West bank of a river. Do you think of a few feet from the edge of the water? A few yard? Well, in this case we’re talking about a distance from the Jordan River – yes that is the bank referred to – that encompasses at places, almost 2/3 of the width of modern day Israel. Is that a bank?)

In the last two days, since Hamas murderers assassinated several Fatah security guards at the Karni crossing into Israel there has been a growing sense of impending civil war in Gaza, the base of support for Hamas.

Israel, as many know, has refused to recognize or talk with Hamas, an organization which apparently has as its’ sole purpose the destruction of Israel (you can read the Hamas and Fatah charters on my blog).

So, the point of my title?

Well, interestingly, today, Fatah legislator Jamal Abu Rub said Hamas and the IDF were responsible.

“The time has come for our people to realize that there is a huge conspiracy by mercenaries to destroy the Palestinian Authority,” he said. “The security situation in the Gaza Strip is intolerable. We can’t remain idle in the face of the atrocities committed by Hamas and Israel.”

That’s right. Israel and Hamas are now in cahoots to destroy the PA. Unbelievable.

In the Arab world, Israel is responsible for a bad orange crop in Florida, poor coffee in Columbia and even the loss of the truffles in France!!

Incredibly, in addition to the above absurdity, several members of Fatah and the Palestinian Legislative Council has actually called for Palestinians to take to the streets to protest this violence. Of course, they conveniently overlook the shooting and rocket fire currently going on. Hamas today fired rockets on the Fatah headquarters. I guess you reap what you sow. If you allow these lunatics to arm themselves with rockets to fire at Israel, you never know when they might turn them on you.

Of course, at the same time the daily firing of rockets into southern Israel has intensified (Oh yes, despite the claim of a “truce” of “hudna” rockets have been followed every day, without exception, into Sderot in southern Israel, across the highway from Gaza). The hopes are that the IDF will move in to stop it, thus allowing a complete conflagration to take place allowing Hamas to overrun Fatah.

Interesting what happens when you teach the culture of death isn’t it?

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