"Our Worst Ex- President"

I was not going to do anymore posts about Jimmy Carter, a man I once admired, not as President, but as an ex- President.

At the time of his stinging defeat, as much as I despised Ronald Reagan, and still do, I thought the country was right on.

Now, I have always been somewhat of a liberal gadfly on domestic issues, so my emotions tend to lean toward the left wing of the democratic party in regard to those.

However, my intellect takes over on foreign policy and economics, and I am constantly amazed at the wrongheadedness of the Democrats (Until Clinton’s economic efforts, particularly with regard to long term interest rates).

Anyway, Carter’s initial work with Habitat for Humanity impressed me no end.

Then, one day, he showed up with Daniel Ortega (for those to young to remember, the head of the Sandanista’s who was responsible for truly horrendous crimes against humanity).

This was just the start of his cozying up to dictators.

If there is a demand for it, I will outline those relationships here, but the article that I will refer you to does so pretty effectively.

So, why did I decide to post another article about him?

Well, in US history, there is one unwritten rule that has always held fast. Ex Presidents really do not criticize sitting Presidents.

Note Bill Clinton and George Bush working all over the world together at the behest of Bush Jr.

Think about some of the potential conflicts that could have developed over the years. Teddy Roosevelt and his feeling of betrayal by his former protege William Howard Taft. Both of them toward Woodrow Wilson. Nixon toward Carter and his statements about the pardon. Eisenhower toward Truman (you have to know the stories of Truman in WW! as a corporal in the infantry to understand this one and the animus that was there).

Anyway, Carter has recently been shooting his mouth off in a way that I consider to be treasonous. Now, I am not a right wing fanatic, and I do not use that term loosely. But this is a man with a unique ability to harm the interests of this country. Even more than I think he already has.

Before I get wound up. Here is a link to an article in commentary magazine. It is rather lengthy, 6 pages, and far from as critical as I would have been (for example I believe he lets Carter off far too easily on both the Iranian hostage taking and the North Korean Nuclear agreement) but is a pretty fair assessment.


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