All the news that fits, we print.

The latest war of radical Islam vs. the West is occurring in Southern Lebanon. It wasn’t enough that Iran created, armed and trained Hezbollah to infiltrate like a Trojan Horse, Lebanese society.

Now, there is a new threat, in the Palestinian towns is a new group, Fatah al-Islam lodged in a Palestinian town. About a week ago they began attacking Lebanese army bases. The Lebanese, responded not like the Israeli’s last summer to Hezbollah, but with indiscriminate and widespread bombing.

What was a city of approximately 30,000 is now about 5,000. Estimates of the number of dead range between 75-100.

Meanwhile in Gaza, there has been violent clashes between Fatah and Hamas soldiers. There is total anarchy as it seems leaders of either group is unable to control their own.

Over 150 have been killed as the territory that Israel left for the Palestinians to govern themselves only worsens.

At the same time, Hamas rockets continue to rain down on poor Sderot just over the border in Israel. Before the recent uprising between the 2 Palestinian factions, Sderot was receiving one missile attack a day for the last several years. (Imagine saying that about any city in the world!).

But Hamas, in a disgusting attempt to draw attention from their own crimes upped the ante, lobbing several HUNDRED missiles into this town with a large Ethiopian and Russian immigrant population.

Well, guess what, at least according the New York Times, they succeeded.

Have you seen pictures of the refugees in Nahr al-Bered? No.

Pictures of the Lebanese tanks shelling the city? No.

Pictures of Hamas and Fatah gunman killing themselves or innocent civilians? No.

Finally have you seen even 1 single photo, or story about the horrors in Sderot? No, of course not.

So what has the NY Times, the gray lady as it is known, shown on it’s front page several times this week?

Well, the Israelis finally decided they needed to surgically strike Hamas headquarters. So they sent a missile to that building in Southern Gaza and launched a missile strike on a car loaded with Qassams. This is what the Times showed.

The Israel lobby? Somehow, they must not be able to control the Times. How else to explain this bizarre weighting of “All the News that’s Fit to Print”? Why not cover the so called Palestinians killing themselves and other Arabs? (or the Lebanese killing more indiscriminately than Israel ever has)

I will leave you to decide.

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