Can’t get any sadder?

One of the horrendous changes over the last several years in the world of terror has been the recruitment of unconventional victims to become human bombs.

I say victims for a reason. These have principally been women. They are victims of abuse, or rape, or convicted of premarital sex, etc. They are then convinced that despite their “sins” by blowing themselves up as a means of salvation.

If you look back in my blog you will see a story about a Saudi woman convicted of pre marital sex, despite the fact that it was rape. She was lashed for the sin of being alone in a car with a man.

I thought I had heard the worst, until today.

Israel’s internal security agency, Shin Bet (The Israeli FBI ) announced the arrest of two women who had planned to blow themselves up in Tel Aviv in late May.

A few points. Initially, the PLO claimed that suicide bombers were only operating in the territories, or areas taht were disputed and over the “Green Line”.

However, one of the worst homicide bombers blew themselves up, with dozens of teens at a discotheque in the Tel Aviv club known as the “Dophinarium” because it sat right on the Meditteranean on the beach in Tel Aviv.

One of Israel’s goals is to always go right back after a bombing. The scene is cleaned and business and life resumes again as soon as possible. In fact, I make it my business to go to whatever business has been a victim when I travel there.

Another famous bombing in Tel Aviv was at Mike’s Cafe which is famous in the city as a blues club, but is populated by the Arab population of Jaffa as well as many tourists – it sits on the beach as well right near all the Tel Aviv hotels.

These incidents simply highlite the lie about the dispute being about territory.

Getting back to the women in question:

One was a 39 year old MOTHER OF 8, in her NINTH MONTH OF PREGNANCY!! The other was a MOTHER OF 4.

Worse, this mother of 8 had been the representing Islamic Jihad, one of the worst of the terror groups, affiliated with Fatah the party of President Mahmoud Abbas, in the Gaza women’s office. Her job was to serve as a go between for women who wanted to act as homicide bombers.

The true sick thing is that they were used because Islamic Jihad knows the Israeli humanitarian policies regarding persons seeking medical care. They are always allowed to cross.

You can only imagine what might have happened to these women to cause this.

It also points out something in the Orwellian world of Israeli double standards. Imagine if we were at war with Canada.

What would happen when you crossed the border? You would be ID’ed, perhaps frisked, etc. Certainly profiled.

Yet when Israel does this, they are accused of “humiliating” so called Palestinians. HUH??

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