Partners for Peace…… or murdering thugs?

Perhaps you have been following developments in Gaza and the West Bank over the last several months, and specifically the last week.

There is now two separate Palestinian entities, Gaza controlled by Hamas, the area east of Jerusalem between the Jordan River and central Israel known as the West Bank.

But this is not a civil war the way we know war.

Two stark examples of the incredible atrocities taking place in both areas.

When Hamas gunmen took over the Fatah headquarters in the Gaza strip, the handcuff the people remaining in the building, marched them up to the roof and threw them off. killing them all.

In the “West Bank” members of the Fatah armed wing, Al Aqsa martyrs brigade systematically took Hamas leaders out of their homes, lined them up in front of their families and executed them on the spot.

Of course, while this is happening, the UN’s newly reconstituted commission on human rights is finishing another session in which the ONLY report will condemn only Israel.

It simply never ceases to amaze me how so many in the West cannot grasp what we are facing. It is a fundamental difference on the value of human life.

In a wonderful, ironic twist, Hamas thugs, yesterday, stormed the former home of Yasser Arafat, their lionized ex chief murdering thug, blew up the entrance gate and looted, robbed and destroyed the house.

Karma’s a bitch.

So, as we stand, there is now a bi national issue among those who call themselves Palestinians.

Funny, isn’t this what Israel has been warning people about for years?

The idea of the unilateral withdrawal froM Gaza was to give the so called Palestinians a chance to rule themselves. What do they do? They elect one of the world’s worst terror organizations to rule, their supposed moderate President (whose PhD dissertation is about the “myth” of the holocaust – that it didn’t happen) fails to confront them.

Worse,the Saudi’s intercede to put these two criminals, one a corrupt murdering thug, the other a bloodthirsty one together, and they got exactly what any sane person would expect.

And you wonder why Israel closes the border?

Funny, but that isn’t what is happening. The same Gazans that elected Hamas are now pouring to the Israeli border BEGGING for Israeli protection.

How the worm has turned.

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