The fine art of Public Relations…. otherwise known as "All the News.."

Last week, both the NY Times and the Washington Post printed an op ed piece by the political adviser to the deposed Hamas/Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haniya.

As you would expect, it was absurdly self serving, and of course, both blamed Israel and the US for the internal strife and failed to mention the atrocities committed (lining up Fatah members in front of their families and executing them in the street, handcuffing Fatah members and throwing them off buildings, looting and destroying the homes and offices of Arafat and Abbas – well OK, they did SOME good lol!).

The point here is this. I guess we should wait now for the op ed piece by al Zawahiri on behalf of AL Qaeda.

I guess if this was 1939, we would have seen an op ed by Joseph Goebbels.

The only self criticism either paper expressed was over the fact that the other had printed the same piece on the same day. Both paper’s spokesmen said that if they had known that the other was printing it, they would not have.

No regret about printing the public relations statement of an organization whose public statements expressly call for the murder of an entire religion, or the destruction of a member state of the UN, not too mention constant terrorist agitation the world over, and statements about the destruction of the US?

I guess the Times and Post forgot the Hamas led celebrations, yes CELEBRATIONS, in the Gaza after 9/11 (granted ALL so called Palestinians took to the streets to celebrate the death of Americans, but Hamas was particularly vocal in its jubilance).

As I have often said, the editorial stance of all reading materials must be looked at critically.

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