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Islam… A religion of peace??
It is mine, and the Muslim worlds own, belief that Islam is now controlled by the Wahabbist strain, which preaches Sharia law, and intolerance of all other religions. In addition, it preaches the glory of Shahid, or martyrdom and the glory of death.

Last week, there were bombings in Great Britain. As a result there were adds taken out by certain Muslims around Britain, purportedly condemning these attacks.

Fussy held these out as “proof” that Islam is a religion of peace.

I continue to point her to the OFFICIAL publications of the Islamic governments.

They make it clear, and it is preached every day in mosques and schools all over Islam, the hatred and intolerance of all others.

It is taught to children from their youngest days, in the Madrassas, the Islamic schools.

Worse, it is illegal to denounce Islam as your religion and punishable by death to practice any other religion.

How any one cannot simply read these documents, the constitutions, and charters of all of these nations and organizations are publicly available, I don’t know.

But, interestingly 2 NY papers had articles about this issue just today.

They are printed below:
The New York Sun

July 9, 2007 edition

Questioning Whether Islam Is Religion of Peace

July 9, 2007

The latest batch of attacks by Islamic terrorists raised fresh concerns among Muslims over what they fear may be “heinous attempts” to link terror with Islam.

British Muslims, who number 1.6 million, are reportedly funding advertising campaigns across Britain that proclaim Islam is “the religion of peace” — in the process also implicitly warning fellow Britons against criticizing their faith.

Yet a year ago, a weighty Muslim writer and pundit, Abdelrahman Al Rashed, manager of the pan-Arab TV network Al-Arabiya Television, famously launched a stormy debate when he opined, “While all Muslims are not terrorists, all terrorists are now Muslims.”

Ever since, the question among Muslim scholars and activists is precisely how much of the terror inspired by Islam is due to the faith itself — and how much is due to the way it is being preached.

Clearly, the issue is enormously delicate, fraught with the pitfalls of prejudice and all sorts of other sensitivities.

But as hundreds of thousands of people from New York to Baghdad are butchered under Islam’s banners, failing to tackle it head-on is unacceptable.

Reasonable Muslims now agree that when a religion veers so far off course, it loses immunity to inquisition. “We ought to go through very serious questioning and soul-searching,” a founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Dr. Maher Hathout, wrote on “The American Muslim” Web site Thursday. “How did we, as a group, fail to nip this ugly phenomenon in the bud?” he asks. “How did we indulge in the luxury of theoretical debates, and craft all kinds of euphemisms to let this go on, spill out, and grow?”

The bare facts are there for all to see: Over the past 40 years or so, Islam’s millions of fanatical preachers and political operatives have represented the religion as one of an “oppressed” people, victimized for centuries by the multiple ogres of Christianity, Judaism, and secularism. Listen to many preachers, read several interpretations of the Muslim holy book, or go to a variety of madrassas from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, and you will quickly learn that Islam’s central value, bar none, is jihad.

Far from a religion of peace, these clerics have “weaponized” Islam’s text and the Koran into a war manifesto against even fellow Muslims — as between Shiites and Sunnis.

Raising the bar further, most Muslim scholarship of today maintains the refrain that Islam is not meant to be another religion, but the most definitive of God’s revelations to man. As Muslim children are told daily, the Prophet Muhammad is not only the last of God’s prophets, but the most authoritative.

Thus, it follows that Muslims merit greater privilege. A Muslim, for example, may take any number of non-Muslim wives, but the reverse is illegal. Abandoning Islam is punishable by jail or death. No other religion is acceptable.

The next step in such a logical progression is clearly the necessity to force others to submit. Islam has become imbued with a kind of droit du seigneur — the extrajudicial, absolute rights of a lord of the manor — which cannot be argued with.

Saudis, for example — and this includes their most moderate and modernized leaders — feel it is perfectly natural to fund the building of hundreds of mosques in Europe, from London to Cologne, but cannot find a shred of logic in allowing the construction of a single church or Buddhist temple in Saudi Arabia, even though millions of Christian and Asian expatriates work there.

The scholarly journeys down such roads have served to legitimize the excessive aggression in hundreds of the religious edicts issued weekly by both legitimate and rogue Muslim scholars — including the charlatans of Al Qaeda, who decree that killing infidels is a Muslim duty.

A Saudi expert on Islamic movements, Mshari Al Zaydi, who is the opinion page editor of the Saudi daily Asharq Al-Awsat, went to the heart of the matter in a remarkable essay a few days ago, in which he pointedly noted that Saudi religious leaders have never issued an outright renunciation of the religious thinking of Osama bin Laden.

The most the Saudi religious establishment has done, Mr. Zaydi wrote, is to “mildly state that Mr. bin Laden was simply an ‘erroneous mujtahid,'” — a term referring to those qualified to issue juridical opinions and edicts such as fatwas — “as though this man was not responsible for setting the Muslim world ablaze, taking it back centuries and much farther than its original backwardness.” In Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco, the Muslim Brotherhood contests for power based on a single slogan: “Islam is the solution.” Could it be that their version of Islam is also the problem?

Mohammed Bouyeri
Mohammed BouyeriStory Bottom

July 8, 2007 — LAST week, two very different Brits had their say about the latest terrorist plots in their country. Prime Minister Gordon Brown told the nation that “we have got to separate those great moderate members of our community from a few extremists who wish to practice violence and inflict maximum loss of life in the interests of a perversion of their religion.” By contrast, a former jihadist from Manchester wrote that the “real engine of our violence” is “Islamic theology.”

Months ago, this young man informed me that as a militant he raised most of his war chest not from obscenely rich Saudis, but from middle-class Muslim dentists living in the United Kingdom. There’s sobering lesson here for the new prime minister.

So far, those arrested in connection to the car bombs are, by and large, medical professionals. The seeming paradox of the privileged seeking to avenge grievance has many champions of compassion scratching their heads. Aren’t Muslim martyrs supposed to be poor, disenfranchised, and resentful about both?

WE should have been stripped of that breezy simplification by now. The 9/11 hijackers came from means. Mohamed Atta, their ringleader, earned an engineering degree. He then moved to the West, pursuing his post-graduate studies in Germany. No servile goat-herder, that one.

In 2003, I interviewed Mohammad Al Hindi, the political leader of Islamic Jihad in Gaza. A physician himself, Dr. Al Hindi explained the difference between suicide and martyrdom. “Suicide is done out of despair,” the good doctor diagnosed. “But most of our martyrs today were very successful in their earthly lives.”

In short, it’s not what the material world fails to deliver that drives suicide bombers. It’s something else. And, time and again, the very people committing these acts have articulated what that something else is: their religion.

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