Finally admitted: The Truth of Arafat

In Israel, it has been generally accepted that Yasser Arafat died from AIDS. It was known that Arafat was a pedophile and homosexual (his “wife” Suha has lived alone in Paris for years).

But yesterday on Al Manar Television Ahmad Jibril, Secretary-General of the PFLP General Command,a man who had worked with Arafat for 40 years, admitted what was already known.

That the reason that there was never an investigation into Arafat’s death, despite the absurd claims that the Israeli’s poisoned him, is that the French Medical Examiners had told Abu Mazen, Mahmoud Abbas, that Arafat died of AIDS.

Of course, the so called Palestinians, and in particular the remnants of Fatah, Arafat’s party and the leaders of the PLO, did not want this publicly known, so they quietly dropped any claims of Israeli complicity.

The video of the interview can be seen on the MEMRI site. Simply enter Jibril’s name in the search.

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