Update on Farfur the Mouse from Al Aqsa TV

If you search back in my blog, you will see a few entries about a Mickey Mouse look alike that aired on AL Aqsa TV, the network of Hamas.

Farfur appeared as the main character on a TV show that taught children how to martyr themselves and kill Israelis.

Under threat of lawsuit from Disney and worldwide condemnation the character of Farfur was “eliminated”.

As I described earlier, the show introduced a new character, Nahul the Bee, who described Farfur’s murder at the hands of the Israeli’s, defending the “homeland”.

Nahul the Bee told the children that it was their duty to seek revenge for Farfur’s murder by the “murdering, terrorist” Israelis.

Well, now the video of the “murder” is available on Youtube.


What you will see, and what is as important as the way it portrays the alleged Israeli, is what is told to Farfur by his “grandfather”.

The so called Palestinians tell the Western media that it is about occuppied “territories”.

Those of us seeking to expose the truth have continually tried to inform the West that the Arabs have never given up their claim of “from the river to the sea” i.e. the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. i.e that there will be NO ISRAEL.

That the entire area will be Arab.

Well, in the video, you see Farfur’s grandfather describing how TEL AVIV, was occupied by the Israelis in 1948.

Not, 1967, not Jerusalem, not “the Green Line” or the “territories” but Tel Aviv which no one has ever dared claim to be in dispute.

The truth will out.

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