It doesn’t get worse than this….

Hitting shelves in NY today were a new series of Yankees Caps from the New Era Cap company.

One was white with a Red bandana with a NY logo; one was a white one with a blue bandana around it and a NY on it, and the final one was black with a crown slightly askew above the NY.

For those that don’t know, these hats were designed specifically to appeal to the Crips, Bloods and Latin Kings and were being sold primarily in the South Bronx and Northern Manhattan, fertile gang territory.

It is simply incredible that these companies allowed this to happen, and worse, that they got the Major League Baseball “officially licensed” product seal.

Thankfully, there was enough of an uproar that supposedly they were pulled from distribution.

If you see these offensive “lids” in your area, please, call or write MLB or the New Era Cap Company.

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