Hamas uses American Weapons against Israel.

The following story appeared in World News Daily last week:

Hamas: We fired US weapons at Israel

Terror group says it seized, utilized large stockpiles of weaponry upon takeover of Gaza Strip

Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 09.03.07, 15:05 / Israel News

Hamas and other Palestinian terror organizations in the Gaza Strip utilized American and international weaponry to attack the Jewish state on Sunday, top terror leaders claimed to WND.

The weapons were seized in June when Hamas took control of Gaza and overran US-backed security compounds of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah organization, the terror leaders said.

“The American weapons and western weapons that reached Fatah before Hamas took over Gaza is being used by the Palestinian resistance, including in our aerial attack yesterday,” Muhammad Abdel-El, spokesperson and a senior of the Hamas-allied Popular Resistance Committees terror organization, told WND on Monday.

“Yesterday was not the first time we used these American weapons against the (Israeli) occupation. The resistance will keep using all weapons at our disposal for the liberation of Palestine,” Abdel-El said.

Abdel-El’s Committees and members of Hamas’ so-called resistance department, said they used heavy machine guns they obtained from Fatah compounds in June to fire at an Israeli Defense Forces helicopter that ventured into the central Gaza Strip near the territory’s Nuseirat refugee camp.

Two important things to note here.

Fired from the Gaza strip, which is fully under Palestinian control, note the ready reference to the “occupation”. What this means is ANY Israel. Not the so called territories, but the entire country. Where the weapons were fired are clearly in Israel proper, by anybody’s definition.

Second, is that the story points out again, the folly of providing weapons to a group that is unable, and UNWILLING to police itself.

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