Still Crazy After All These Years…

It wasn’t bad enough when Iranian President Ahmadinejad was shooting his mouth off about the nascent Nuclear program, and declaring his intent to wipe Israel off the map. That didn’t quite satisfy his Napoleon complex.

In recent weeks the rhetoric has become much more frightening.

Actually, it is the rhetoric, combined with the actions and confirmed information that is frightening.

I have mentioned here before that Europe and the Soviet Union seem to be under the impression that the little Hitler simply wants to turn Iran into a regional nuclear power, a la Israel.

To them, this is alright since they are generally anti Israeli and see this as not a threat.

Of course, the failure to recognize the Iranian missile program, combined with the nuclear program made them blind to the fact that the Iranians were building missiles that had in their range all of the major European capitals.

But now, Ahmadinejad has stated bluntly, in numerous speeches over the last few weeks, that Iran’s intention is, in fact, to be a global nuclear power.

Worse, he announced that they now have over 3000 centrifuges in operation. For those who don’t know, these are necessary for the production of weapons grade plutonium.

In addition, the regime recently made a change in the leadership of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the army. The new leader is an expert in unconventional warfare, i.e. terrorist tactics.

It has also been revealed that Iran has been funneling huge sums of money to Hezbollah for the purpose of purchasing as much real estate in Southern Lebanon as possible.

They have been systematically developing a territorial contiguity from Iran through Syria into this area of Lebanon.

In addition, Ahmadinejad has been announcing in these speeches that the Iranians will provide any technology, including nuclear, and training to any entities, nations or terror groups, whose goal is the destruction of the West, America specifically.

Finally, he has continued the crackdown on dissidents, and even those who simply talk of rapproachment with the West. This has included everything from simple arrests to marching them through the center of Tehran, simply never to be heard from again.

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