The UN Council on Human Rights recently concluded it’s latest session.

As usual it was an anti Israel fest.

However, this year it took an unusual turn. More than just anti Israel, the Council seems to have now decided that the worlds greatest issue is persecution of the Muslim minority. Minority?

Below are some of the incredible statements made on the record by those righteous upholders of human rights that make up this ridiculous body (btw OIC stand for the Organization of Islamic Countries):

Egypt: The offensive publication of portraits of the Prophet Mohamed has highlighted the damage that freedom of speech if left unchecked may lead to, not only hurting the religious feelings of more than a billion people, but also their freedom of religion and their right for respect of their

Pakistan, on behalf of the OIC: Terrorist acts carried out by non-state actors, in the name of religion, should be de-linked from religion to ensure freedom of religion for the peaceful followers of that faith.²

Pakistan, on behalf of the OIC: The international community must address the root causes of terrorism, such as the situations of grave injustice and repression involving Muslims, and conditions of poverty and lack of
opportunity, which fuel extremism and terrorism.²

Syria: Freedom of opinion had been utilized to humiliate Islam and to cause hatred and instigate violence.

Bangladesh: Freedom of expression cannot be absolute nor infinite. It must be exercised with respect and responsibility.

Iran: The right to freedom of expression is not absolute.

Pakistan, on behalf of the OIC: Islamophobia is also a crude form of anti-Semitism.

Algeria: There is an upswing in anti-Semitism that now targets Arabs and Muslims.

So, for years there was officially no anti-semitism, now there is anti semitism, except it is only anti Islamic!!!

Right, and the moon is made of cheese.

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