Sandy Berger and the mysteries of the Clinton’s

Hilary Clinton has begun assembling her foreign policy team.

Not surprisingly it looks just like Bill’s. Or should I say exactly like Bill’s.

What is shocking, and dismaying, is the fact that included among these is Sandy Berger, Bill’s former National Security Advisor.

During his tenure, I had no problem, necessarily, with Berger.

Bill Clinton accomplished zero, and I mean, zero, during his presidency. I am willing to concede it may have had to do with Monicagate. But, it was clearly not a real interest of his.

I am no fan of Madeline Albright, who Hilary has also brought back, but all of the people she is using, with the exception of Berger, fall in the mainstream.

So what is wrong with Berger.

Well, flash back 2 years. The 9/11 commission. Bill Clinton appointed Berger to be his representative to the committee.

As such, he needed to go to the top secret documents housed at the National Archives. As a former National Security Director, he had the highest security clearances available to a private citizen.

Berger was caught red handed removing top secret documents from the archives. This is obviously expressly illegal.

Worse, it was discovered that he had destroyed many documents, which, by their nature, are now gone for good.

What damage he did to the commissions findings we’ll never know.

What we do know is this. The documents must have been so dangerous to Clinton that Berger plead guilty rather than turn them over, or discuss with investigator’s what they were.

As a result of his guilty plea Berger gave up his security clearance and was disbarred.

So Hilary is using as one of her top advisor’s a man who cannot even get the lowest level of security clearance and is unable to even practice law. He could not hold a job in the White House as a result of the guilty plea.

This is truly shocking and shows a real lack of judgment to say the least.

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