Beware the technogeek!!

I admit, I’m one of those pathetic souls who always has to have the best and newest.

What makes me even more intolerable though, is I actually wait until the second generation is out and then I get it cheaper and with the bugs ironed out. But of course, I have read about, tried it out, fondled it, etc. to no end.

Even worse, I am always in search of the “deal”. Whether I grab it on E-Bay or what my latest scam has been, the Costco return.

With my computers, I tend to upgrade them piecemeal, adding peripherals to keep up with the Joneses and then after a few years breaking down and getting something new.

So, when I bought my current Dell, I already had a 15″ flat panel that I had purchased for my previous computer.

Well, 15″ just wasn’t good enough anymore, so I bought a 17″. A few months later, I noticed the 19″er’s were now the price I had paid for my 17. Since I am a fanatic about keeping receipts and original boxes, returns are rarely a problem. So, I returned it to Costco and got the 19″.

Soon, Costco online had a sale on 22″!!!! I returned the 19 and got the 22.

Geez, I now had a computer monitor bigger than the Television my Dad had his entire adult life as a successful NY physician.

But no, not good enough.

I had always known that the technology for LCD TV’s would overtake Plasma, and that it was the same technology that was used for the computer monitors.

I knew eventually that they would make the TV’s accept multiple inputs, including RGB or computer monitor plugs on the smaller units.

Well that today happened a few months ago.

So, back went the 22″ monitor (which I watched TV on anyway b/c I had installed a TV card and DVR in my computer!).

So, with the return of the 22″ monitor, I also returned a 160GB portable hard drive I kept my porn on (oops, did I say that??!!) because I noticed that that price had dropped about 50% as well.

So, home came the 27″ Flat Panel, Hi Definition HDMI imput TV/Monitor.

But wait, the dang thing wouldn’t work right (volume troubles). So after a few tries and 2 returns, I got the GM of the local Costco to give me a $50 credit for my trouble which brings me to my present… drum roll please…

ridiculous, oversized, unnecessary… conspicuous… 32″ Vizio Flat Panel, Hi definition computer monitor/TV.

I now watch Hi Def programming on one side and using the PIP can have my computer monitor on the other half of the screen.

Or, I simply never have to worry about the effects of age on my eyesight.

Geez, I can read emails from down the block the darn thing is so big!!

As to Hi Def TV, I have to admit, it is everything it is cracked up to be.

When connected with the new standard, HDMI cables, programming such as sports, or nature, that is televised in Hi Def is simply incredible.

Now, about that I-Phone…. the second generation is out any day now isn’t it!!

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