Hizbollah Rearmament

After last summer’s war between Israel and Hizbollah (NOT Lebanon, as is so often misstated) the UN passed Resolution 1701 which required it to place a peacekeeping force south of the Litani River in Southern Lebanon to prevent Hizbollah guerrillas (or might properly the Iranian army) from reoccupying the area, and from preventing the continued resupply of Hizbollah with Iranian arms.

In a report released yesterday, even the UN had to admit that this was a total failure.

Not only has Hizbollah fully reoccupied the area on Israel’s northern border, but they have actually TRIPLED their stockpile of missiles.

Worse, the new missile technology gives them a range of 250 Kilometers. This enables them to hit Tel Aviv, Israels most populace city.

This is just another example of why Israelis’ have such little faith in the UN and it’s processes. Aside from the almost continuous anti Israel resolutions, on the rare occassion when there is a resolution that might help, it is inevitably not followed.

Israelis have been, and remain convinced, that another Northern war is inevitable.

Political assassinations by the Syrians continue in Lebanon, systematically removing any anti Iranian, anti Syrian, anti Hizbollah politicians.

In fact, it has become almost a guaranteed death sentence for someone to speak out about the influence of Hizbollah.

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