A note on Annapolis

While the fun is taking place at the Annapolis conference, there are interesting statements coming from Hamas and the Saudis.

As I have frequently written in my blog, one of the things that the west does not hear, usually because it is said in Arabic, is the declaration that the Arab residents of the former Palestine will never tolerate a Jewish presence there.

Well over the last two days, Hamas has stated clearly that there can never be an Israel, and that Palestine will once again be “from the borders of Syria and Lebanon in the North, the Egypt in the South, and from the river to the sea (Jordan to Mediterranean).

As to the Saudis, Prince Bandar, the former UN Envoy, Ambassador to the US, and good friend of the Bush’s not only refused to shake the hand of Ehud Ohlmert the Israeli Prime Minister but actually repeated the inevitable Arab lie that the Jews arrived from Europe and took the British Mandate of Palestine from the Arabs.

Bandar said this explicitly. Of course denying the continual Jewish presence in Palestine since biblical times, and the Jewish majority beginning in the 1800’s.

Even Bandar stated that Israel will not be recognized until AFTER the Arabs are given another country.

It is difficult to imagine a real peace when the deal is, as always, give us everything, and we’ll stop killing you, for now, maybe.

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