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Can it be?

2 incredible stories on the NY News tonight. First, a young man (about 15 years old) heard a rustling sound in an enormous dumpster in Queens. For those not here, it is currently in the teens in NY, with gale … Continue reading

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640:1 (Thanks to the Harvard Crimson)

How Much Land is Enough? Ruth R. Wisse – Dec 03, 2007The Harvard Crimson Before you begin reading this, please have before you on screen, paper, or wall, a reliable full-scale map of the Middle East, one stretching from Morocco … Continue reading

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Surprise! Dennis Ross agrees with me!

Dennis Ross, the special envoy to the Middle East for both the first President Bush and President Clinton agrees with me that whether or not the Iranians have halted their weapons program, the continued pursuit of fissionable material is the … Continue reading

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The Mitchell Report

I am taking some time to digest the Mitchell Report before writing a full post. However a few initial points. First, please go back and read my previous posts The History of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports. First, Mitchell did … Continue reading

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Perhaps the most important post any of us will read any time soon

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that my attitude on the war in Iraq is one of “no matter how we got here, we have to deal with the current situation”. I have actually never explicitly stated … Continue reading

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The New Republic (and Israel) on the National Intelligence Estimate

As I wrote in an earlier post, the press has focused on basically one line from the National Intelligence Estimate with regard to Iran’s plans. The estimate claims new intelligence, conversations between several high ranking generals in Iran, discussing the … Continue reading

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N.I.E. and Iran – can you see the smoke?

So the National Intelligence Estimate released this week claims that Iran gave up it’s weapons program 4 years ago. Or so said the headlines. Critics, of course, claim this is just another example of the Bush administrations misuse of intelligence … Continue reading

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