Beware the Teddy!!

So British school teacher Gillian Gibbons is on her way back to Britain after high level diplomatic negotiations to free the convicted spy for Britain’s MI-6.

What you say? She was not a spy? She was jailed because she is a teacher who asked her young students as part of a story writing assignment to pick a name for a Teddy Bear?

Ridiculous!!! Impossible!!! This is the 21st Century, not the 14th!!

That would be as lucidcrous as millions taking up protest around the world at the site of a 3 or 4 satiric cartoons.

So the students in Gibbons class in the Sudan had the temerity to pick the name Muhammed which immediately convinced the education director of her school that she was mocking the great prophet.

She was lucky, she could have gotten 40 lashes and 60 days in jail for this. Instead for the obscene crime of teaching literacy, she got 21 days in jail and was deported, never to return to her beloved students again.

Is it me? Doesn’t anyone see the insanity in this religion?

It’s not enough to ask you to try and imagine any other religion in the world conducting itself this way, but that the British government actually has to grovel to the President of the Sudan, makes me sick.

The man responsible for the rape and torture of literally millions of non Muslim and Muslim Sudanese women and children has the nerve to declare himself a “devout” anything!!

And we in the West take it bowing and shufflin.

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