Can it be?

2 incredible stories on the NY News tonight.

First, a young man (about 15 years old) heard a rustling sound in an enormous dumpster in Queens.

For those not here, it is currently in the teens in NY, with gale force winds.

The boy climbed onto the dumpster and looked into a paper bag. He saw a newborn baby, so young that the umbilical chord was still attached.

Thank g*d, the baby is doing well, but can you imagine what kind of mind, and situation could leave a newborn in a dumpster, in this weather!

The second story occurred in New Jersey.

Governor John Corzine signed a bill outlawing the death penalty in the state.

It means that those on death row, currently 8 inmates, have had their sentences commuted.

Polls show that the majority of New Jerseyite’s (ine’s?) do NOT support the bill.

But, among those whose sentences were commuted was Jesse Timmendequas the rapist and murderer of Megan Kanka.

The name may be familiar to those who don’t remember the case for the law that was named after Megan. Megan’s law requires sexual offenders to register their locations with the police.

Timmendquas was a repeat violent sexual offender who kidnapped, raped and murdered 6 year old Megan and was sentenced to death.

The irony of the situation, is that with the way prisons deal with child murderers, he may now go from the relative safety of his death row cell (no inmate has been executed in NJ in many decades) to the general prison population where he will be hunted by other prisoners.

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