On the outside looking in…

Regardless of the outcome of the election, one of two important barriers will be broken in this election. It’s been discussed ad infinitum at this point, but there will either be a female veep or an African American President.

Because most of you, my dear readers are so wonderfully fair minded, you probably won’t understand this, but more than ever, I am convinced that there will never be a Jewish President.

Is it important? Well, it’s not important to Jews that there could be one. What is important is why there won’t be one.

Just recently we have seen it here on the blogs, but there is such incredible, entrenched anti-semitism in this country. And yes, dare I say, more than racism or sexism. What we saw here, and what has been here on this site before, was a repetition of the century old anti semitic screed of dual loyalty of Jews.

I saw it almost everyday on the baseball diamond. Being called names that even I couldn’t imagine or create. Having all manner of objects thrown at me, threats made…

If you think back to all the many Jews who have served as cabinet members, Senators and Congressman, wouldn’t it seem that there would have had to have been at least one, who could run for that office with a legitimate shot?

In fact, there has never really even been a viable candidate. Joe Lieberman, while a nice story, was never close to getting the nomination, and frankly, I’m convinced he was the tipping point for Al Gore’s loss.

So, a great wrong will be righted this election year. But I wonder if I could ever say to my daughters “Even you could be President”.

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