NYC Century

I had a wonderful opportunity to participate yesterday in one of those only in NY kind of activities.

Called the NY Century it is a bike ride sponsored by a group called Transportation Alternatives that promotes, obviously, alternative transportation in NY.

Those of you who have ever had the opportunity to visit NY, know that the city is so much more than Manhattan. But you also may know that NY’s public transportation system is perhaps the most complete in the world. Not the best, but definitely the most complete.

The ride was a 15, 30, 60, 75 or 100 mile trek around the city. Yours truly of course, took the 100 mile ride.

We left at 6 am from Central Park, and 12 hours later, ended back in the same spot.

We rode the length of Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge (seeing the bridges at sunrise is something to experience!) and then followed the beautiful Brooklyn shore line out to the Brooklyn marshlands. Into Queens, and through several national parks, by the National Tennis Center and Shea Stadium, and then along the North Shore, the Long Island Sound.

Crossing the Triborough Bridge into the Bronx, we passed the stables along the Pelham Parkway and went into Van Cortlandt Park and then down Broadway back into Manhattan, for the final, glorious sprint back into the park from Harlem.

Besides the incredible diversity of the city, and it’s neighborhoods, one couldn’t help but be struck by the incredible population that makes up this city.

In every neighborhood we were cheered and greeted warmly, with small children throughout the city running out to slap high five, or just cheer us on.

Wearing my USA bike shirt, I must have heard “go USA” at least a dozen times during the day.

Returning to the Park just before dusk, I can say, aside from a very sore butt, I gained, yet again, an incredible appreciation for the wonder that is this city.

Attached to the post is a picture of the sunset in Central Park as the ride came to a conclusion.

Yes folks, that is the middle of Manhattan with that lake, and those trees. It may be called the ashpalt jungle, but it is so much more…

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