It’s really gone too far….

I spend a lot of time asking people to treat each other civilly. Avoid the name calling.

Disagree with someone, that’s fine, but don’t personalize it, or trivialize their opinions.

We’ve all seen it in the last few weeks with the Sarah Palin discussion.

Now, I am fascinated by this. First, because it is the Republicans that are supposed to be the ones who do this.

But more, because who really cares about the Vice President?

I mean, come on folks, I bet you can’t name half the Vice Presidents in YOUR lifetime, let alone of all the Presidents.

Quick, who was Ford’s Veep? Who was Johnson’s?
Who was Nixon’s? (shame on you if you don’t get that).

Let alone Lincoln’s, or FDR’s (and no, I don’t mean Harry Truman).

But today the name calling sank to a new low.

Listen, I don’t believe in virtually anything that Sarah Palin does. But hell, she keeps getting elected, there must be something going on.

But today, Maureen Dowd, the ultraliberal op ed columnist for the NY Times, wrote a column which was so sneering, so smug and superior, that my newspaper was actually dripping the sarcasm as I picked it up off the driveway this morning.

She spent and entire column making fun of the people of Alaska, and those who shop at WalMart, or hunt, or live in remote towns.

She insulted Palin’s hometown in a most sneering way.

It was so childish, so nasty, as to make me wonder how the hell it got into print.

But it also made it clear, why, when I travel around the country, people despise New Yorkers.

You could literally see Dowd looking down her nose at the rest of the country. In fact, I heard she had to go in for chiropractic on her neck she was so cramped up after the down the nose sneer!

Why can’t we just say “she is pro life. I’m not. I’m pro choice, therefore I won’t vote for her” or whatever your reasons.

Lighten up folks.

btw, FDR’s 2 term veep was John Garner who famously said the Office wasn’t wortha bucket of warm piss. His second veep was Henry Wallace. Lincoln’s was Hannibal Hamlin. A bunch of big names, huh?

Nixon’s? Spiro Agnew. Ford’s? Nelson Rockefeller, former governor of NY.

Johnson? Well that was the trick question. NONE. During his first term, he served without a VEEP!!! Hubert Humphrey took over during his second, or his first elected term.

All a bunch of big names who went on to big things, huh?

How about this one. Besides Bush, Sr., who was the last VP to be elected President?

Nixon, but only after losing to Kennedy, and seeing Johnson in office for 6 years.

Out of the 44 men who have served as Vice President, only 14 have become President, and 8 of those were from assassination and death.

Hell, John C. Calhoun RESIGNED the Vice Presidency to become a Senator!!

So, lighten up. Let’s get back to civil discussion of the issues!

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