Who’s Giving Ahmadinejad a Dinner?

Did you hear the one about the little Hitler being given a celebratory dinner in NY, when he comes to speak at the UN?

And where is this dinner taking place?

At the NY Hyatt.

Why is this significant?

Hmm, let me count the ways. Might it be a coincidence that the only hotel that would hold such an odious event happens to be owned by Barack Obama’s campaign finance director’s family?

Penny Pritzker is Obama’s Finance director and her father founded the Hyatt chain. She is chair of Classic Residence by Hyatt, as well as CEO of their non hotel real estate development company.

Funny, but this is the same person whose family paid $450 MILLION dollars only 7 years ago as a settlement to regulators because a bank that she served as Chairman of went belly up, because why?

SUBPRIME Mortgages!!!!!

Hey, but Barack is different right? That’s why he has this woman, worth an estimated $3 Billion dollars as his campaign finance director.

After all, who better to secure those $2 online donations.

Oh wait, he stopped that. I guess he needs her for the $30,000 minimum contribution he now requires for his events.

Just another in his raft of bad folks surrounding this guy (and I didn’t even mention her involvement in the corrupt Chicago political machine or the fact that she owns Trans Union. You know the credit agency that has done more to encourage identity theft than all but the other 2 agencies, and which finally required Congressional action to reel in their abuses!!!).

Wake up people!

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