$6.6 Billion down the tubes….

OK, that is a little exaggeration. But in the omnibus spending bill that passed the House and Senate yesterday – which went unnoticed amid the uproar over bailout (which of course isn’t a bailout) there were 2300 earmark grants totalling $6.6. Billion dollars.

Kudos to John McCain for denouncing them several years ago, and receiving no earmark funds. Kudos to Barack Obama for following McCain’s lead and reccomending a moratorium on earmarks for one year to allow a “study” of them. Senator Obama also received none.

Further Kudos to House Minority Leader Republican John Boehner, who among the party leadership was the only one to NOT seek any earmarks.

As might be expected the leadership of both parties, and in particular the appropriations committees were the greediest pigs at the trough.

In the Senate, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee Democrat Robert Byrd, and Ranking Member (Sr. Republican) Thad Cochran received $225 and $227 million each for their states.

In the House, Chairman Democrat David Obay and Ranking member, Republican Jerry Lewis (can you believe it?!! lol!!) received $52 and $78 Million.

Among the leadership, Senate Majority Leader and SPeaker Nancy Pelosi, the Dems, received $103 million and $44 million.

Senate Minority leader Republican Mitch McConnell of Kentucky was a relative pauper at $18 million (see above for House Minority Leader Boehner).

What of the infamous Ted Stevens? The Republican from Alaska is the Ranking member of the Defense Subcommittee, traditionally the worst offender of this practice and as to be expected, he snorted all the way to the slop to the tune ofr $239 million, which was offset by Committee Chairman, Democrat Daniel Inouye who received $222 million.

Let’s cheer for these folks who on the day we were looking to buy mortgages from suffering Americans, simply gave out, without a vote, 10% of the cost of the bailout…

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