The Joys of the Negative Campaign

I am chuckling to myself every minute these days as I hear the Democrats predicting how the Republicans will be turning “negative” soon.

Now, negative campaigning is as old, as, well, campaigning. And for those who don’t have a sense of history (a note of history for you Placebo!! lol) it is as old as Julius Ceasar writing his own war reports to promote his candidacy for Pro Consul.

But what is fascinating to me is that, despite my disdain for most of the positions of Sarah Palin, I don’t think I have seen the type of petty personal attacks since, well, since… um, Hillary.

Criticisms of her outfits, her hair, that she is “too good looking”? Really ladies? I can name several hundred thousand of you right here on this site that put her to shame, but more’s the point.

Yes, it was Republican Lee Atwater who gave birth to the new generation of attack politics, but not really.

What’s wonderful is that as the Democrats imply that McCain is about to die, and that the Governor with the highest approval rating in the country is an unabashed idiot (which I simply don’t know, but don’t deny) they can stake claim to not going negative because they keep telling us the Republicans are doing it.

Ironic coming from a campaign, or really a candidate that has done more to cover up the most nefarious, total, and inconceivable and unprecedented associations with anti American, anti semitic, corrupt and criminal group of friends, associates, advisers and campaign staff we have ever seen.

If I WERE the McCain Campaign, hell, I’d be running the clips of Hillary and McCain sitting in Iraq together with Tim Russert joking about the two of them running together.

And no, this was not 4 years ago, but LAST year.

Or maybe I’d be running Biden’s appearance on the same show when he said he’d be “honored” to be on the ticket with McCain. Again, not 4 years ago.

Maybe I’d be replaying the speeches given by Biden that were lifted in total from British Pol’s? Or better yet, running his comments on how naive and unprepared Barack is from the Democratic Debates. You know, only a few months ago?

Hmmm, those things haven’t happened.

So, who is negative?

I’d be ripping Obama, as I will soon. How did he get into Columbia? How did he get into Harvard? How did he get his first and only law job? How did he get his position as a lecturer? How did he get elected to the State Legislature, the US Senate? Well, when you answer those questions honestly, you’ll see just who is running a negative campaign.

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