Why don’t people get it?

One of the most fascinating discussions going on, on the campaign trail is this idea of Obama’s that if “we have actionable intelligence, we should attack in Pakistan”.

Now, McCain is correct that this is wrong. However, for some bizarre reason he has not discussed exactly HOW wrong, and WHY it is so wrong.

  1. Pakistan is an ally.
  2. Pakistan is a nuclear power.
  3. Pakistan is an unstable government at best – remember, Musharaff became President as a result of a MILITARY coup. A frequent occurrence there.
  4. Pakistans’ population is highly radicalized Muslim’s who have grave antipathy toward the United States.
  5. We have had “actionable intelligence” dozens of times over the years on terrorists and their locations. Did we attack Frankfurt when we found Ramzi Youssef (the ’93 bomber and mastermind of 9/11) there?

Well, why not a cross border incursion?

How can people not see this? An “incursion” is a fancy name for an INVASION!!!!!!!

An invasion is a declaration of war.
We would be invading, and declaring war on, an unstable nuclear ally whose population hates us!!!

(Of course, this doesn’t even begin to mention the influences being exerted on Obama by his “friends” to right an infidel Muslim country, punish them for their alliance with the “great Satan” the US.)

DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on people. WAKE UP!!!! This guy is DANGEROUS!!!!

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