What’s the real issue?

What has gotten lost in the ridiculous debate about William Ayers, and his terrorist past, is that it is not those acts and Obama’s lies about his relationship with Ayers that are ultimately the most important thing to consider. Although, btw, we might update Obama that the events were not when he was 8, as they mostly took place in the early seventies. I was 10 at the time and Obama is 2 years older than I. Funny, but I knew of the weatherman, even at that age as they were on the news constantly.

Ayers is simply a representation of 2 other issues. The first and less “global” issue, is Obama’s continued lies about his relationship with him, how much time he spent with him, what that board did, and where it sent the money, etc. etc.

Why is THAT important? Because it is the same thing he has done with all the controversial figures in his past. From Reverend Wright, Tony Rezko, the mysterious “Fred” from his autobiography that turned out to be the Chairman of the American Communist party; to Rashid Khalidi, the press representative of the PLO; to Edward Said, member of the PLO Revolutionary Council; to Robert Malley and his secret meetings with Hamas; to Samantha Powell and her calling Hillary a monster and than advocating sending American troops to fight Israel; to his secret conversations with Canadian officials telling them “don’t worry, I’m lying about my stance on NAFTA; and on and on….

What is it that he does? He immediately declares them not important, once they’ve been caught, creates the fiction that he is not close to them, and then finds someone “more mainstream” that is simply more subtle in representing those views.

Of course, when his campaign co chair Tony McPeak said that American Politics were controlled by “certain voters in NY and Miami”, no one batted an eye because that type of anti semitism is still winked at.

For example, Tony Lake, Susan Rice, and my favorite Columbia Professor (yes, another guy that Obama “didn’t” meet there, wink wink. Amazing how all these Columbia people we both knew of keep turning up in his life but he really doesn’t know them)Zbigniew Brzezinski, have all ascribed to Jimmy Carter’s The Jews control the world theory presented in his most recent book. Specifically defending that piece of trash that caused virtually his entire staff at the Carter Center to quit in disgust.

But what is the BIG picture here? Simply this. The one absolute common strain that all of these people hold is that America (and it’s tool, Israel) is to blame for all the worlds ills. They view America as an imperialist, hegemonic monstrosity, reigning terror and totalitarianism on the world.

This is where the Democratic party has been wrong since Hubert Humphrey. Even JFK, who bungled every foreign policy issue he had, got this one right. As did Johnson. But somewhere, in the guilt over the social issues of the ’60’s and ’70’s the Democrats just decided that we must be a force for evil. That’s why the bad guys hate us. Not jealousy, or just that the bad guys are bad. It has to be our inherent villianry.

Equally, they also, as evidenced by their belief in the modern retelling of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” written by the fully Arab funded ex President, believe that it is Israel that is the cause of all of our problems. That the single answer to ending Islamic terrorism is to end the conflict between Israel and the so called Palestinians. Never mind Chechnya, Sudan, Chad, The Asian subcontinent, Turkey, etc. etc..

If you ascribe to that theory, than you are a natural supporter. I just hope you can live with the thinly veiled anti-semitism that goes with it.

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