Isn’t ANYONE creeped out by this? Or at least a little suspicious?

I lay in bed sick today with the flu. Generally, when that happens, I turn on my “channels”. History, National Geographic, Discovery, The Learning Channel, and Science Channel, etc. Not exactly high viewership numbers.

At each and every commercial break – yes, I counted, every one – I was bombarded by an Obama ad. I did not see a single McCain commercial.

But that’s not really the issue.

His campaign announced this week that they claim that their contributions for the month of September total MORE THAN $100,000,000. That’s more than one hundred million dollars.

That brings the total for the campaign for Obama to roughly $560 MILLION DOLLARS (through the end of September. We don’t even know what October will claim)!!!

Does anyone REALLY believe this is from $10 internet contributions?

That is roughly $2 for every man woman and child in this country. Voters, non voters, democrats, republicans, infants, toddlers, children, seniors in homes, etc.

But here is the really creepy part.

Next week Obama has bought time on all four major networks. Not for a one or two minute commercial. But a prime time show.

Worse, THE OPENING PITCH OF THE WORLD SERIES IS BEING DELAYED TO AIR IT. A commercial. For an election. Not a state of the union address. Not a national emergency. A commercial.

Jeez, doesn’t this creep any of you out? Let’s just hold the coronation and cancel all future elections.

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