Joe fall down… go "OOOPS"

So, it had to happen. The master of malapropism’s that is Joe Biden, who tends to speak with his brain before his political filter sets in, admitted what those of us who have fear of Obama have been saying for a long time.

It’s not surprising though, because only a few months ago Biden was calling Obama inexperienced, wrong, etc.

So what did he say? Well, he told an audience at a rally that due to Obama’s inexperience in foreign policy, he is sure that the world will “test” him (note to Joe: testing Obama means putting us all in danger).

But that wasn’t enough. He then told the Democratic audience that it was vital that they continue to back Obama after he makes the inevitable mistake in that test, due to his lack of experience (and might I add, notoriously bad judgment).

The funny thing is that Obama has likened his campaign to John F. Kennedy. Perhaps the worst foreign policy President of modern times.

It’s an interesting comparison.

Kennedy also campaigned with the idea of meeting “without preconditions” with foreign leaders. As such, he set a meeting in 1961 with Nikita Khrushchev about Berlin.

As Kennedy himself said to Scotty Reston of the NY Times upon returning to the States the meetings were “the toughest of my life”. He described himself as having been steamrolled by Khrushchev.

More tellingly, Khrushchev, as revealed in papers now declassified in Russia, said to his top aides that he simply could not believe that the American People had elected such a “pathetic” person as President.

He described the meeting as a bear facing a chipmunk.

Kennedy was taken aback by Khrushchev indifference to Kennedy’s concerns about nuclear war and the possibility of 70 million deaths. Apparently he forgot that the Soviet leader had just come from a Russian revolution and war that left upwards of 50 million dead.

Hmm, does this sound like another apparatchik, blow hard leader in the world today?

This meeting led directly to erecting of the Berlin Wall, and worse, to the Cuban missile crisis.

What most Americans simply don’t understand is the humiliation suffered by Kennedy and the US as a result of the crisis.

Kennedy fell hook line and sinker for Khrushchev’s bluff and removed American missiles from Turkey AND guaranteed no interference in the Cuban Revolution.

Worse, as Kennedy discussed with his advisers, he needed a “shooting war” to demonstrate his strength and the only shooting war was in Southeast Asia. This was the impetus for his beginning the military buildup in Vietnam.

So, for those of you that don’t think experience is important, well Joltin’ Joe just told you why it is.

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