The Horror begins…

As I have written to several friends and on some blogs here, the election of Barack Obama signals a number of things.

I will discuss those in some length shortly.

However, what it means “on the ground” around the world, is two immediate things.

First, I told people, there will be a new Iran-Israel War fought, as it was last time, in Lebanon, by Iran’s surrogate, Hezbollah.

The second thing that I told people will happen, is the rebirth of the Soviet Union. Vladimir Putin was testing the American candidates with his invasion of Georgia last month.

The Russians will invade Georgia, and re annex it. And they will invade the Ukraine as well. Perhaps even Turkmenistan, and Armenia, and others.

However, even I could not have imagined how fast it would happen.

Today, as a result of Obama’s election, Putin’s puppet, Medvedev announced that Russia is redeploying missiles on the Polish border in specific celebration of the election!

The Second cold War has begun. Thank you America.

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