Still think it’s about land?

About a year or so ago, I wrote optimistically about the appointment of former IMF official Salaam Fayed as the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority.

Fayad was the official appointed by the international authorities to put an end to Arafat’s corruption. He largely uncovered many of his, and other’s, secret accounts, and tightened up much of the bookeeping.

However, just this week, he demonstrated once again, that there is no Palestinian intention to live side by side.

At a UN sponsored interfaith meeting, Fayad told an eager audience just how important Jerusalem was to TWO of the world’s religions, intentionally leaving out the Jews.

This is right in line with the PR campaign the so called Palestinians have been using for years declaring that there was never a temple in Jerusalem.

Of course, they never bother to explain what temple Jesus was going to, but that is a detail that they seem to be unconcerned with.

Once again, they have proven the real goal, as it continues to state in their charter, is simply to wipe the Jews from the map.

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