The Mumbai Doctrine

Those of you who were lucky enough to study philosophy, law, or logic will know of what I speak, for those that didn’t, here’s a 2 second primer.

Formal logic is what is used in law in presenting evidence.
Used in philosophy to prove a dialectic.

The best example? “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit”.

Formal logic is if/then statements.

We use what is known as deductive syllogisms to arrive at a point.

If x then y.
If y then z.
Therefore, if x then z.

However, if y then x is false.

Logic uses what is known as the contrapositive. It is properly: If NOT y, then NOT x.

Additionally, “most” has a specific meaning in formal logic, and the law. Most = 50% +1. i.e. the requirement for guilt in a civil case. Most, or a “preponderance” of the evidence.

I bring this up, because for a long time, when I have discussed Islamic jihadism, I have been accused of being racist.

But when I say “most” terrorists are Islamic, it in NO Way means that most Moslems are terrorists.

Formal logic.

Which of course doesn’t exist when Islamic terrorists rampage hotels in Mumbai. And of course, what got little attention in the American media, a Chabad center. (Chabad is the outreach of the Lubavitch movement, commonly mistaken for Chasidic Jews, they are in fact, just the opposite. They believe not in segregating themselves, but reaching out to the community. Actively engaging others in Judaism and it’s good works.)

You see, they went looking for Jews. And they found them, and killed them.

And, as of the last count, almost 150 others.

Now, you haven’t seen Sikh terrorists rampaging the world, or Hindus rioting the capitals of Europe when Ghandi is used in cartoons. And certainly you haven’t heard of either of these groups crossing the border into Pakistan and attacking Muslims.

When will we face the truth of what is facing us?

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