The Mumbai Doctrine, part 2

Ignored, (as usual) by much of the press, and certainly by the PC police, has been the reaction of Muslim minority in India.

Why has it been overlooked? Because it would embarass those that profess that the Muslim communities around the world are doing all they can to end Islamic terrorism.

What did the Indian Muslim community do? First, there was loud and clear condemnation of the terrorists (and they were terrorists, or murderers, despite the press’ refusal to label them so – using the new terms, militants, or gunmen).

But, that is the least that can ever be expected.

More importantly, there was an enormous demonstration against violence by the Muslim community in Mumbai two days ago.

Finally, the Muslim leaders in India have not allowed the murderers to be buried in Islamic cemeteries. They declared them not to be true Muslims, as Islam is against violence.

Where is the American Islamic community? Or any other one.

I, as a Jew, joined several HUNDRED THOUSAND Jews marching on Washington to protest the situation in Darfur.

Why couldn’t the Muslim community (there was not one mosque represented, but thousands of synagogues), considering that this is an Islamic issue, have done the same?

When will the world’s Muslims truly be held to task?

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