Upfront and honest…. unless…

If you have not followed the current scandal in Chicago carefully, I have a question for you. What party does Governor Rod Blagoyevich belong to?

While this is going on, there is a similar scandal going on in Boston. Numerous state legislators are being busted right now. It’s so bad, the FBI has video of a female state legislator literally stuffing her bribe money in her bra!

And you know what is the same with the coverage of this story?

In both cases, you would have to go some official site to discover that these folks are all democrats.

Compare this to any recent story about Ted Stevens, for example. You will see that he is always referred to as “Republican Senator…”.

Another interesting aspect of this story is the press’ immediate effort to distance Blagoyevich from President elect Obama. Desperately. And frankly, it’s just ridiculous. Even if there is no issue with Obama’s behaviour (more on that in a bit) the Senator’s of a state and it’s governor are always in close contact.

David Axelrod, Obama’s campaign chief said in an interview in November that Obama and the governor had many conversations about his replacement. Of course, today, he has said that he was “mistaken”. Sound familiar?

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