You reap what you sow…. or…… the reincarnation of Sarah Palin

Those of you who have not paid attention to the farce of Governor David Paterson trying to fill Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat here in NY, you missed quite a show.

What really happened will come out, I guess, in the future, although Caroline Kennedy’s “camp” (whoever that is) is claiming they are going to destroy Paterson.

Be that as it may. We now have as our Senator, Kirsten Gillebrand.

All I can say is watch out world!!

This woman is a dynamo. An incredibly accomplished corporate attorney, a conservative Democrat. She took the Sarah Palin, get on the plane and fly hours to get home just to give birth story a step farther but working in the house until the day she gave birth!!

Not only that, but she rode the Metro to work at the Congress with her older son, dropping him off at day care on the way.

She told friends years ago that she would be President someday.

And with the connections she has, and the precedent that Obama has set, I would not be surprised to see her run in 4 or 8 years.

She is incredibly well connected. She was a partner in David Boies’ law firm (remember, he was the attorney for Al Gore in the Bush v Gore suit over the 2000 election) but she is also incredibly well connected in Republican circles. Her father is a powerful Republican lobbyist. She interned with former Republican Senator Alphonse D’Amato, who was present at her announcement, and she was also an assistant to Andrew Cuomo in the Clinton Administration (Head of HUD).

No less than former Clinton advisor, and now Obama acolyte Paul Begala has declared her likely to be the first female President.

What is really fascinating is that she managed to win election in very conservative upstate NY, so she holds some very conservative views, most notably about gun control.

Watch out for this woman, and expect to see her at the 2012 Democratic Convention.

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